Steven Kazuo Takasugi



Diary of a Lung, version for eighteen musicians and electronic playback, 2016-17.

Sideshow, for live octet and electronic amplification and playback, 2009-15.

Die Klavierübung, Mvt. I for live pianist and electronic amplification and playback, 2007-09/14.

An Undercurrent for four unspecified instrumentalists and electronic playback, 2013.

The Destinies of Hallucinations for guitar, alto saxophone, viola, piano, and electronic playback, 2013.

Jargon of Nothingness, version for oboe, clarinet, and electronic playback, 2012.

The Flypaper, version for vocalist, flute, and electronic playback, 2012.

 “Wenn Tiere Gähnen…” for percussion and electronic playback, 2011.

“Ein Gourmet Sagte Mir…” for piano four-hands and electronic playback, 2010.

Die Klavierübung in four movements for samples of  pianos and other instruments, 2007-09.

Diary of a Lung for samples of kotos, shamisen, makeshift instruments, and vocalizations, 2006/07.

Letters from Prison for samples of kotos, various makeshift acoustic instruments, and vocalizations 2005/06.

The Flypaper for samples of various vocalizations, 2005.

Strange Autumn for reciter/vocalist, percussionist, and electronic playback, 2003/04.

Jargon of Nothingness for samples of various plucked, bowed, double-reed, and makeshift acoustic instruments, 2001-03.

Iridescent Uncertainty for samples of kotos, shamisen, Hardanger fiddle, and cello, 1997-99.